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Avant-Glamour: An ode to Björk’s boundary-pushing beauty

To celebrate Björk's 53rd birthday today, HUNGER explores the singer's fearless face time over the years.

An artfully dishevelled bed head, 90s space buns or extra AF head-piece, Björk never fails to create a proper beauty moment. High concept, ineffably cool looks that transport you to another realm.

“Everything about working with Björk is exciting,” our very own beauty editor-at-large, Andrew Gallimore tells us. “I first met [her] in 2014, I did her makeup for a PA to talk about her Biophilia App. For me, what’s most exciting about creating a look for Björk is that I know it’s going to be part of a bigger creative picture.”

“I think [she has] always been experimental with her beauty, from radical hair colour changes and cuts in the 90’s to the robotic world of Chris Cunningham, to the more recent organic adornments by the amazing James Merry.”

Björk’s fearless take on beauty is often a “feeling based on the themes she’s working on – like they reflect her music of that time,” according to Gallimore. “I think one of my favourite looks I’ve created for Björk was for when she performed at the Royal Albert Hall.”

“James [Merry] had created an amazing, white, orchid-like head piece and I suggested an combination of an oval shaped glass lash and one with small balls on the tips (which I’d painted with UV reactive paint) the lash shape fit perfectly in the eye-hole space of the head piece…then halfway through the show the lighting changed to dark with a black-light on Björk’s dress which made the tips of the head-piece, and the tips of the lashes glow UV, it was a small reaction, but the devils in the detail!”

Below is our pick of her most iconic alt-beauty moments over the years…

21 November 2018

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