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Avenue Beat are very online

We slid into the DMs of the Gen Z trio going viral on TikTok for their lyrical send off to the hellscape that is 2020.

Nashville trio Avenue Beat — made up of Savanna, Sam and Sami — describe themselves as a mix of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, which we’ll admit is an odd combination but, honestly, with Gen Z anything goes. Up until a few months ago, the country-pop group were just another fresh-faced girl group but then they were blessed by the Internet gods. Now, there’s no way of avoiding them. 

At the end of June they posted “F2020” to TikTok, only to see it rack up over 10 million views, before being taken down by moderators. With lines like “my cat died/ and a global pandemic took over my life/ and I put out some music nobody liked” the group’s no-filter realness resonated with us all. Much like Avenue Beat, this hasn’t been our year. We’re over 2020 and, like them, are asking; “can’t we just get to 2021?”.

To celebrate the release of a full-length “F2020” single, we slid into Savanna, Sam and Sami’s DMs to talk Tinder, One Direction and Charlie the Unicorn. 


@hungermagazine: What’s your earliest Internet memory?


Sam: When I started to not believe in Santa Claus anymore and my mom made me watch this super high-tech online Santa tracker thingy thing and she made me feel so bad that I didn’t believe in the magic of Santa anymore that I cried like a little bishhhh and believed for like 4 more years.

Sami: Charlie the Unicorn…duh!


@hungermagazine: What are your five most-used emojis? Why?

Savanna: ✨☠️🦋🤷🏻‍♀️🥺 – no idea why, they just speak to my soul.

Sam: 🥺💗🦋🥵🐝 I think these just pretty much sum up how much my emotions fluctuate on a daily basis. V chaotic energy, I guess.

Sami: 😅❤️😬🤷🏼™️ Let’s call them “the old standbys” haha.


@hungermagazine: Best thing on TikTok? 


Sam: When ur having specific emotions about life and then u get on TikTok and videos start popping up that make u feel personally attacked and PUT ON BLAST!! But in the best way, god bless TikTok.

Sami: Jokes about the weird niche things I’m into. The Last Airbender ones are 💯

@hungermagazine: You’ve switched to private mode on Spotify: what are you listening to?

Savanna: One Direction’s entire discography from start to finish…Multiple times…
Sam: 100% listening to strictly musical theatre songs.
Sami: I actually used to do that all the time to listen to comedy a cappella. Don’t ask.


@hungermagazine: Do you use dating apps? Which ones?

Savanna: I had Tinder at one point! And I had the BEST D8 OF MY YUNG LYF (shoutout Ryan hope u see this lol) like a year ago?? But not since then.
Sami: Nope! I did my time on Tinder but I’m a free woman now. At least there are some good stories to show from it!


@hungermagazine: Have you ever been blocked?

Sam: I think I’m still blocked by this one dude I attempted to date in high school, freaking rude (UPDATE: I just checked and I’m still blocked lol).
Sami: Oh probably, I have to fight off the urge to get one of those apps that tells you when it happens!

@hungermagazine: Last person you stalked on IG?

Savanna: Hunter Schafer prolly because…how could I not.
Sam: Definitely was Michael B Jordan.
Sami: Bishop Briggs, the queen of the shaved head.


@hungermagazine: What’s your most-used app? Why?

Savanna: TIKTOK.
Sam: TikTok, I’m on it for like hours before bed and then again right when I wake up. I’m lowkey, highkey addicted.
Sami: Ummm… Spotify? Gotta have a podcast or music playing when I drive.


@hungermagazine: What’s the longest amount of time you can go without being on your phone?

Savanna: I love a good “lowkey disappearing and not texting anyone back so u can take yourself on a date in peace” day.
Sam: The only time I’m not on it is when I’m napping.
Sami: Oh I lose it for days at a time. Not in a “I like to live in the moment” kinda way, more in a “ehhh seems like a lot of work” kinda way.


Avenue Beat’s single, “F2020″, is out now. Follow them for more tunes and TikToks at @avenuebeat

10 July 2020