22 November 2022

Balenciaga’s bench is more Subway sandwich than luxurious decor

Despite looking like something you’d more likely find on your plate than in your living room, it will still cost you at least $18,000.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a new technicoloured, huge Subway sandwich. In fact, it’s a Balenciaga bench that’ll certainly set you back a little more than the price of a foot long.

Dubbed the Droog Rag Bench, this custom-made piece is a part of a unique collaboration between the Demna-headed label and Tejo Remy – a Dutch artist renowned for finding new ways of reusing materials to create functional furniture.

Created entirely using Balenciaga off-cuts, the bench — which was created in three sizes (S/M/L) — was exhibited at various Balenciaga flagship stores upon completion (including its Bond Street London location), before a selection unexpectedly landed on the house’s web store this week.

What might put you off though (as if you needed a reason), is that none of the variations are exactly affordable, with the smallest iteration retailing at $18,000, rising to $46,000 for the largest.

The benches are the latest in a string of releases from Balenciaga as a part of its Objects Gift Shop offering, which also included a $500 bar of soap and a $900 dog bowl.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Balenciaga

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