27 June 2019

Bang Bang Nails: a surreal story by photographer Aleksandra Kingo

Head into a surreally stunning world...

It’s 2019, and nails are seriously important. They complete a look, they make a look, and they can take you from situation to situation. Photographer Aleksandra Kingo and her dream team capture just how vital and creative what’s on the end of your fingers can be. She explains:

“Bang Bang Nails is a playful and tongue-in-cheek beauty editorial exploring quirky ways to make use of fabulous long nails and to celebrate women rocking them. Balancing between discomfort and sexiness, it showcases beautiful nail art in humorous and sometimes not-so-glamorous scenarios.”

Scroll down and be transported to a world beyond your imagination…

Dress /
De La Vali
delavali.com //
Earrings and Bracelet /
J Hardyment jhardyment.com //
Fleurit Crystal Necklace (on dressing table) / Scho Jewelry

  • Photographer Aleksandra Kingo at Angela Woods Agency @aleksandrakingo Art director

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