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Bebe Rexha gets real about anxiety, identity and empowering women in music

Born and raised in New York City, Bebe Rexha is an unlikely country star, but her latest track proved that boundaries can be broken and that genre is as flexible as ever.

Explaining that she “grew up writing and listening to pop”, the singer has since defined her sound personally rather than thematically: “I never thought that I would have a country hit”, Bebe explained, but I think that shows us how far music has come, that people can cross boundaries and cross genres, to create new and exciting things with music.”

Not just breaking down stigma through her songs, Bebe Rexha is making waves through female empowerment in the industry: “I’m a really big advocate for supporting women, and supporting new female artists”. Putting belief into action, Bebe started a collective entitled Women In Harmony, aimed at “any creative female, no matter what level of success you are”, where they “can network, support each other and show each other love”. In fact, her skill and empathy has led her to talk openly about her mental health struggles, resulting in an ultimate anxiety anthem, ‘I’m a Mess’, Bebe explained to us how it came about:

I had a studio session and I told the producer that “I can’t write today because I’m just a mess”. The writer and the producer looked at me and said, “You know what, you have to write today because that is what most people say when they’re days are going wrong and they feel exactly how you feel right now”. So we wrote the song and there’s hope in it, there’s honestly, there’s sarcasm, but the overall meaning of the song is celebrating your insecurities and imperfections and knowing that it’s ok to have them. We all feel that way. We all wake up and don’t want go to work, don’t want to see anybody and be antisocial. That’s what makes us human.

Get to know the ultimate generation x icon now, as she tells us everything from the best advice she’s ever been given to the dangers of social media…

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17 October 2018