14 February 2022

Behind the scenes of Ibeyi’s new track ‘Sister 2 Sister’

HUNGER goes BTS with Ibeyi...

Musical duo and twin sisters, Ibeyi — aka Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz — are a force to be reckoned with. Singing in English, French, Spanish, and Yoruba, they effortlessly blend soul, hip-hop and jazz, all while staying true to their roots and spiritual impulses.

HUNGER went behind the scenes of their new single, ‘Sister 2 Sister’, from their upcoming album, Spell 31, which is out on May 6.

Lisa and Naomi: “Filming this music video was so joyful. It was our first time learning choreography and dancing in that way.  We are always trying to not repeat ourselves and we always look for new ways to share our music with you. A dancing music video was always something Naomi wanted to do. Meeting Colin Solal Cardo, our director for this video, confirmed that desire.”

Lisa and Naomi: “We wanted this music video to be a celebration of our sisterhood. A ritual. We were inspired by a performance from French theatre director, Pascale Nandillo, which referenced specific ceremonies of marriage in which people getting married would be blindfolded, washed, dressed and fed and would only take their blindfold off seconds before their vows – revealing the person they would spend their life with. This ritual symbolises rebirth, the start of a new life — looking at your lifetime companion. This song is our way to say to each other that we choose each other again and again. Our way to celebrate our twinhood, our love and everything we have accomplished together in the past 10 years.”

Lisa and Naomi: “This song is such a joyful song for us. It is based on our relationship but also on a specific time in our childhood, when our dad was still alive and we used to spend the summer at his house and dance listening to Shakira and Anastasia in front of the mirror. It also talks about how intense such important relationships can be. Ranging from that feeling that we couldn’t live life without each other, but at the same time needing our own space. Most importantly, it is our way to remind each other that it will always be us despite it all.”

Lisa and Naomi: “It was so wonderful to work with such talented dancers. They were honestly mind-blowing and we felt connected to them. Dancing with someone truly makes you feel close to them. We laughed a lot on set and we were in awe every time they would start improvising.”

Lisa and Naomi: “We all have a sister/brother in our lives, no matter if we share the same blood. We all have that special friend, that person that has been with us through it all, that rock in our lives. We wrote this song to celebrate that bond. This is your song.”

Lisa and Naomi: “Kiani our incredible choreographer from Puerto Rico created this chair routine, which we LOVED. We still recreate it in my kitchen when Naomi comes to visit me. It is one of our favourite moments of this performance. We can’t wait to see our friends recreating it too.”

Lisa and Naomi: “Sister hold me close, swear you won’t let go. We love this photo. We are blessed that we were born together and that we can count on each other. Yet, twins are the same as a cliché, we are so different, two opposites, two different worlds and ways of thinking; but together we are stronger, stable – invincible even.”

Lisa and Naomi: “Naomi and her angels by her side.”

Lisa and Naomi: “Lisa Kainde staying hydrated with beautiful angel Chi by her side.”

  • Writer Nessa Humayun
  • Photographer Suleika Müller

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