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Berghain cancels events over coronavirus concerns

Club kids beware: the notorious Berlin nightlife venue has pressed pause on its programming for five weeks until 20 April.

Berghain, the epicentre of Berlin club culture has announced that it will be cancelling all “self-produced” events until 20 April. This news comes shortly after fellow Berlin nightlife venue, Trauma Bar und Kino, cancelled all of its events scheduled for March. On 10 March Berlin authorities also announced planned closures of state-run culture venues.

Outside of Berlin, the broader Western cultural sector is taking a hit. Festivals such as Coachella and SXSW have been cancelled or postponed and France has banned all events with over 1000 people until 13 April.  Thus far notable events slated for May, such as the Met Gala or Cannes Film Festival, are still due to take place but this may be subject to change.

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases escalating  – 10,000 in Italy,  1784 in France, 1300 in Germany and 460 in the UK, to focus on Western Europe alone – the World Health Organisation is calling on countries to take “urgent and aggressive action” to curb the virus’s spread. Alongside governmental clampdowns on events and nightlife, flight bans are being instituted, markets are plummeting and talks of national shutdowns weigh heavy in the air.

One thing’s for sure; with clubs and nightlife festivals closing, we’ll soon be out of coronavirus distractions.

11 March 2020