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Best moments from the 2019 VMAs

Big booty babes, reptiles and hot girl summers galore. This year's show was unforgettable!

This year’s VMAs certainly didn’t pass in vain. From the performances to the tributes, the award was a true celebration of artistry and creativity. Missy Elliott, the 2019 recipient of the MTV Video Vanguard (way overdue, mind you), with her comical yet salaciously sexy aesthetic actualised by the legendary music video director, Hype Williams, performed a medley that we only predict will go down in history. Here, we round up the many more iconic moments from the show…

Mistaken Identity

With good vibes, high spirits and stunts  in the air, this must have been one of the funniest faux pas as of late. After announcing Taylor Swift with the moon man for video of the year, John Travolta mistakenly handed the tin prize to Drag race alumni, Jade Jolie instead of T Swift, whom, remained off stage embracing friend and fam. We’ve all been there John. I mean… not on an internationally televised awards ceremony in front of millions, but you kept it classy so, decent save.

Bubble, Bubble, bubble butt

There hasn’t been an event, this year, where we haven’t anticipated a show stopping moment from ‘Good as Hell’ singer,  Lizzo. Whether it’s a good twerk intermission, a clarinet moment, fash-on, or a fire dance sequence, our girl does it all. This time around, a ginormous booty. We’re not mad.

Alyson’s  no pigtailed princess!

10- year- old Alyson Stoner was the envy of every aspiring child dancer when she first appeared in the Work it video from Missy Elliott’s second studio album, Under Construction and many more after that. Cute as a button, the pigtailed dancer was crip walking and Harlem shaking as hard as the seasoned professionals behind her. During Missy’s Vanguard Medley, the icon gave us all the throwback we didn’t know we needed- an Alyson Stoner tribute, 16 years on!

She’s a snake for you

We definitely saw it move, so there’s no reason not to believe that this was a real snake. Singer, H.E.R. stepped on the VMA red carpet with a live python around her shoulders. We’d just like a direct quote on how she managed to keep her cool, while simultaneously working a Valentino lewk.

our hot girl is official official

Our Hot Girl Summer will not be a tale of Summertime sadness on this occasion folks. Megan thee Stallion was awarded her very first award for “Best Power Anthem.” After a a year of extreme highs and lows, we want nothing more than to see her “level up”!


Well, we’ve stanned enough. Missy never disappoints.

27 August 2019