20 December 2019

Between The Decks

To really understand a club night's aesthetic, look at the style of the people slipping in and out of the DJ booth.

Despite the darkened lights (or the fact you might not remember very much the next day…) nightlife is one of the definitive influences on contemporary fashion. The escapism that the dance floor provides allows club kids to showcase their wildest looks, inspiring designers looking to blur the boundaries between fashion and art.

It’s not just the dancers responsible for pushing fashion forward but also DJs embracing the dark side with their after-hours looks. Celebrating the cross-pollination of fashion and music in club culture, this editorial pays homage to London’s most stylish selectors; from Inferno’s Lewis Burton to Torture Garden’s Parma Ham (who’s vegan, FYI).


full look / Francesca's own

Jon Coco

Dress / Milan Breton // Choker / FLEET ILYA // Bracelet / Jivomir Domustchiev // Earrings / Jon Coco's Own //

Judith Klempner

Jumpsuit / Norma Kamali // Necklace and Earrings / PK Bijoux // Shoes / Judith's Own //

Lewis G. Burton

Full look / Lewis's Own


Full Look / Metarph's Own

Parma Ham

Full Look / Parma Ham's Own

  • Photography Christopher Polack Fashion Edtior

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