13 April 2022

Biblioteka: The Peckham-based creative space that has raised 20k for Ukraine

Ukrainian-led creative space Biblioteka has pivoted to provide aid for its people in times of war.

Biblioteka is a creative space in Peckham that gives free access to art books, zines, magazines and more to the people in South London — or anyone indeed who is interested in arts and culture.

A passion project, which is headed up by friends who work full-time jobs, it was launched by Ukrainians Hlib Velyhorskyi, Nastya Soroka, Valentin Sonov and his wife, Maria, who is also from Ukraine. In the face of the unfolding war on the country by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biblioteka launched a campaign to collect medical aid for the people of their country. Since they first started the project on March 2, they have managed to collect 20k worth of equipment that gets delivered directly to the frontline. Speaking about the invasion on February 24, Sonov tells HUNGER: “This was the beginning of a nightmare that we’re experiencing today and will likely continue to experience for the foreseeable future.”

If you would like to find out more about Biblioteka, and where to donate, please click here.

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