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Billie Eilish is going green for her “Where Do We Go?” world tour

Even if "all the good girls go to hell", Billie is determined to do the planet a solid with an environmentally-friendly ethos.

Whether we want to face up to it or not, seeing our favourite artists is far from a guilt-free exercise. Musicians like Thom Yorke (who famously jumped in on this convo in 2006, before eco-consciousness had reached its current peak) have been outspoken about their concerns over the cumulatively negative impact of gigs. Whether it be the cumulative effect of fans travelling to venues or ocean-clogging plastic cups, we should probably be brainstorming ways of cushioning the blow which touring delivers to the ozone.

Thankfully, teen sensation Billie Eilish has given some thought to this as she prepares for her 2020 “Where Do We Go?” world tour. As revealed in an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show,  the singer will team up with sustainability experts REVERB to ensure that there will be “recycle cans everywhere” and a blanket ban on single-use plastic straws.

Yet is this enough?  Billie’s move to clean up her act on the road follows Glastonbury’s most eco-focused edition ever…but some recycling bins (and don’t even get me started on those “What Would Greta Do?” murals) will do little to offset the effects of artists and their personnel travelling the world or the problems raised when fans travel by car or plane.

Want to learn more? Watch the full interview with Billie Eilish below now.

1 October 2019