Boris Johnson joins Snapchat: this is not a drill

*Westminster PR Department goes into meltdown*

Thought Snapchat was just for vanishing nudes and following DJ Khaled’s whereabouts? Well, you’re wrong: at least if you pay any heed to the hellscape that is UK politics. Earlier today,  British Prime Minister and milk-haired fop Boris Johnson announced on his Twitter and Instagram (who let him on IG?!) that he has launched his own Snapchat account, presumably in an attempt to connect with the younger demographic that is active on the platform. Apparently hoping to create a climate of greater transparency about wth is going on with our government, he has explained that now: “you can see more about what I’m doing as your Prime Minister.”

The decision was announced one hour before delivering a keynote speech at the Tory conference in Manchester, in which he urged the European Union to compromise in order to reach a suitable Brexit deal. Notably, his first posts seemed to be embodying his predecessor Theresa May’s “strong and stable” ethos. Rehashing some of his favourite points he expressed a commitment to “getting Brexit done” and “20,000 more police”. Yikes – someone had better employ him a social media manager ASAP, we all know that “police state” doesn’t exactly test well amongst the 16 to 25 demographic.


2 October 2019