Bree Runway is back with “Gucci”

After blowing us away with "Apeshit" and "Damn Daniel" the pop-rap pioneer is back with a new single and futuristic visuals.

Don’t know Bree Runway? You’re missing out. The Hackney-born singer, songwriter and rapper has already found fans in Missy Elliot, Doja Cat and Kehlani for her outspoken lyrics and trailblazing sound. Now, hot on the heels of singles “Damn Daniel” and “Apeshit”, Bree Runway is releasing “Gucci” – a dancefloor-ready celebration of Black beauty and joy, featuring Maliibu Miitch.

Giving Bree’s unique artistic vision full reign, the accompanying visuals reimagine her as a one-of-a-kind diamond and hark back to the high-concept videos that epitomised the height of MTV culture. Anybody who follows Bree knows she has stellar style – bold prints, every-changing hair colours and PVC everything  – and, with strappy bodysuits, high-shine platform heels and decadent jewels, “Gucci” doesn’t disappoint on the fashion front either.

Speaking of the release, Bree highlighted how important it was for her to showcase Black excellence in light of recent events emphasising the pain of living under white supremacy.  “Being black is a joy and my biggest blessing, but during this time I’ve been heavily reminded of the pain, the lack of privilege and trauma attached to my complection so much that I almost forgot myself,” Bree said. “So, I decided that; ‘Bree will continue to be Bree, her black and excellent self.’

Instead of focusing on the pain, I chose to be excellent and luxurious. I chose to adore my skin and celebrate my African features, and to ooze opulence. I’m a special diamond, and although sometimes the world wants to rob me of that perception, I refuse to forget, and I hope everyone listening and watching feels and channels that energy. We’re special. Don’t you ever forget.”

Catch the full video below and follow Bree on Instagram

23 July 2020