Bring it!

In these hard times, we want to connect our followers to creative community.

Already feeling the quarantine strain?

We know these weeks are hitting you hard. That’s why we want to declare our platform as a creative outlet for anyone that needs it. Over the next few weeks, send us your submissions: if we love it, we’ll put it out.

There are zero restrictions on the kind of work we’d like to see – whether your latest track is a voicenote or you’re taking pictures of the world just beyond your window.

Musicians – send us your original music to share!
Photographers – send us what you’ve got!
Make up artists – send us your wildest WFH looks!
Are you a freelancer worried about the months to come? Send us details of your prints, latest collection or artwork for sale and we’ll signal boost you on our site.

This challenge isn’t just reserved for full-time artists, it’s for everyone. So send your best FaceTime art, the glam shots of your nan’s makeover, or pics of your cat’s peticure. Let’s stay creative and let’s not let this virus beat us. Sharing can be caring – bring it!

Show us what you’ve got by sending submissions to

  • Cover image @anatakonyourface via Instagram

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