21 September 2023

‘Brotherhood’ is paving the way for diverse models amongst fashion’s elite

In efforts to bring model diversity into the spotlight, photographer Alexander Beer and model James Corbin invite four other plus-size to take part in their Brotherhood project

Model James Corbin will never be silent about the lack of diverse models we see in magazines, on the runway and on billboards. Joining forces with photographer Alexander Beer, the pair endeavoured to conquer this lack of representation with their Brotherhood shoot for HUNGER Issue 29: Going Underground. It was a simple, yet complex mission to highlight “how amazing brands can look with plus sized models”, as Beer says, adding that “the door was closed twenty plus times by fashion editors”. 

Thankfully, this is only the beginning for the creative duo’s mission to diversify fashion in the pages of magazines, as they have also been working on a documentary that further explores the lack of diversity. “We are living in an age where people are only now being less fatphobic” Corbin goes on, remaining optimistic that attitudes will continue to shift and we will begin to see more diverse models conquering the fashion world, thanks in part to the efforts of Corbin and Beer.

LEFT: James wears jacket by Prada

RIGHT: Selah wears coat by Versace, ear cuffs by Alexander McQueen, and necklace by Hatton Labs

Raul wears cardigan by Fendi, vest by Sunspel, durag by YRMOS and bag by Mulberry

All trousers by Luting Chen. FROM LEFT: Raul wears boots by Givenchy, James wears shoes by Boss, Selah wears shoes by Boss, Benny wears boots by Belstaff and Selom wears shoes by Ferragamo

LEFT: Benny wears blanket by Paul Smith and jumper and trousers by Luting Chen

RIGHT: Selom wears knit and trousers by Luting Chen

Benny wears jumper and trousers by Luting Chen

  • Photographer Alexander Beer
  • Creative Director James Corbin
  • Models James Corbin at Supa, Benny London and Raul Samuel at Bridge, Selah M at IMM, Selom at Cast & Elect
  • Stylist Eric Down
  • Fashion Assistant Cara Woodward
  • Grooming Michael Gray at David Artists using Ilia and Skinceuticals
  • Hair Stylist Claire De-Graft using Charlotte Mensah
  • Backdrop Priscilla Toko

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