4 October 2022

Bulgari brings the luxurious Italian lifestyle to us with their latest fragrance collection

Bulgari Allegra pays tribute to the brand's Italian roots with three new irresistible scents.

Last year, iconic Italian beauty brand Bulgari unveiled its striking new fragrance collection, Bulgari Allegra. And this time around, the brand is looking to up our fragrance game with three new and unique creations: Spettacolore Eau de Parfum, Baciami Eau de Parfum, and Magnifying Myrrh Essence.

Spettacolore expresses the enchantment of one of the most stunning Italian celebrations, the Festa Della Luce or Festival of Lights. Meanwhile, Baciami, meaning kissing in Italian, captures the addictive quality of overpowering love. Finally, Bulgari pays tribute to an emblematic ingredient, Myrrh, in a new fragrance essence. 

Here, HUNGER chats with Bulgari and Studio Oi to discuss the inspiration behind and the design of their latest collection…

What is the story behind the creation of Bulgari Allegra — especially in regards to the perfume bottle and what story you wanted to tell with its design? 

Allegra is an extensive perfume collection based on the unique silhouette of a shape inspired by the various Bulgari high jewellery collections — in particular, the famous cabochon cut. The bottle is developed on a principle of symmetry inspired by the world of the know-how of the modular compositions of precious stones imbricated between two components. This totemic shape is also very dear to Italian designers, who were later inspired to create the Memphis design trend. 

Bulgari Allegra aims to transport the wearer to Italy, which is such a special place to the brand. How did you incorporate it into the bottle design?

Particular attention was paid to the different textures of the glass, seeking to express in the material an expression between the pleated and smooth, which is inspired by a Roman column. Contrasting colours and textures are everywhere in the Bulgari heritage.

 What is the importance of light in the Allegra story? 

Bulgari Allegra is about expressing the Italian emotions of joy, light, and sunrays, which are part of Bulgari’s Roman heritage. Roman architecture often enhances the role of sunlight creating emotions, such as the oculus of the Pantheon or the Roman houses that featured a solar furnace known as ‘heliocaminus’ in their antic design.

Who is the Bulgari Allegra woman? What can you tell us about her? 

Bulgari Allegra unites the colourful, superlative emotions of the Italian lifestyle and the one-of-a-kind glamour of Italian women. The brand allows the wearer to travel through Italian emotions and wraps them in the irresistible delight of an Italian escape… the energising sun of the Mediterranean Sea, the excitement of Italian love, the soothing pleasure of Italian dolce, the fun of a sunset aperitivo in Rome, and the enchantment of a Venetian fiesta. Consisting of seven exhilarating fragrances and six magnifying essences, Bulgari Allegra invites every woman to experience the Roman passion for life.

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