8 August 2022

Burnt out? Here’s the case for taking your next vacation entirely off-grid

Meet the Australian holiday service that forces you to completely disconnect from your smartphone and actually embrace the natural world...

Are you tired of monotonous city life? One too many days spent with your eyes glued to your laptop? Luckily for you, Australian off-grid accommodation service Unyoked has just revealed their first UK cabins. 

The stunning new British locations come in the form of 10 cabins across three totally unique and secluded areas in North Norfolk, the South Downs and the Black Mountains in Wales, with more to be announced soon. Each of the cabins are specially selected to provide breathtaking views in the most remote areas in the UK, while still being accessible to big cities. 

The outdoor startup first launched in 2016, with its debut cabin being located in a tucked away spot just outside of Sydney. Since then, the brand has expanded into New Zealand and you can find their cabins situated all over Australia. The company was founded on the understanding that spending time in the wilderness can unlock benefits for your mind, body and creativity with the hopes of providing a detox from all those issues that come with modern society.

Unfortunately, in 2021 a survey from Indeed revealed that millennials and Gen Z workers reported the highest rates of burnout, at 59% and 58%, respectively. The move from the startup to spread their influence to the UK comes as a welcome one, hopefully giving overly worked Gen Z-ers (and frankly, everyone) an opportunity to reconnect with mother nature. With publicly accessible green space only making up around 4% of all land in the UK, Unyoked are making it that little bit easier to find adventure in our urban metropolis.

“For us, this whole thing has always been about helping more people understand how time in nature can help them in their day-to-day, and giving them easy access to those benefits when they need them most,” says Alex Darkin, UK General Manager. “We have our heads down so much these days. Nature helps us take the breather we need, clear our minds and much more. We can’t wait to help more people connect with that.”


A few famous faces have already seen the benefits of a remote sensory cleanse, including Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey. The star previously collaborated with the brand to help design a cabin filled with his favourite books, music and bourbon. If a social detox in the mountains is what’s powering these unforgettable McConaughey performances, then sign us up!

Musicians are getting their recommended dose of the outdoors, too, with Rosa Walton, one half of the acclaimed UK band Let’s Eat Grandma saying: “I have to be doing things all of the time, just fill my mind. That was one of the things that I really loved [about Unyoked], was that we could just sit and look out at nature and listen to music…the sort of peacefulness of it that you don’t get in the city.”

So, instead of booking that rambunctious holiday to Ibiza, why not tread a little closer to home and allow your batteries to recharge? After that, you can party to your heart’s content.

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