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Central Saint Martin’s BA Fashion Show is a testament to freedom

Primitive kitsch, feral sex cats, cyber punks, dystopian renegades and a “child in the snow”. This year's collections were notes on freedom.

Year by year, the CSM graduate show evokes a sense of ministry.  Students gather within the hallowed halls to begin their missionary and for the next four years, the blood, sweat and tears of the body all become a little too cathartic.  For many of the students the collection is beginning of their careers in the industry, and for others it’s a stepping-stone towards realizing their true passion. Ultimately, the shows are emblematic of the institutions license toward reckless abandon. Not only do the tutors who adopt them as their own strengthen their inhibition in creativity, but to the culture that exists within; a true virtue and celebration of individuality.

Freedom was the theme of the night. Iterations of the word were rife: freedom of choice, expression and freedom of thought. No two looks the same. What happens when you’re left to your own devices, when the trials and tribulations you’ve succumbed to eventually consume you and then churn you back out? Aldous Huxley confections. From primitive, kitsch, feral sex cats, cyber punks, dystopian renegades and Natalie Zipfla as the “child in the snow”. The show hemorrhaged technological advancement. Nicole Zisman took screen-printing all too literally; 3D tailoring on vinyl sheaths and gowns on screens. Manipulated textures, exaggerated silhouettes and playful props and an explosion of colour burst about the runway. As the 2019, Loreal Prize winner, Fredrik Tjaersamdsen’s first look became visible the halls were haunted with cosmic brilliance.  Rubber balloonish dresses in various shapes and dimensions, colours, all theatrically demonstrated by the models deflation to later form two-pieces or gowns. Though the collection had a seemingly comical and youthful presences the air was filled with a haunting solemnity, exalting all by the sheer brilliance. The entire show was a Bill Nye approved spectacle.  Class of 2019, chundered craftsmanship and originality; this is what freedom is about, the ability to unapologetically be.

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31 May 2019