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Chanel Launches LIPSCANNER App

Like Cher Horowitz's digital wardrobe but for your lipstick fix...

Today (22 February) CHANEL has announced that it’s stepping into the future with LIPSCANNER: a next generation makeup app for lips.

 A colour scanner that allows you to instantly find the CHANEL lipstick for you, based on hues and visuals that inspire you. After matching your desired shade with a product from the house’s catalogue and lets you try it on with the help of AI — you can even specify the lipstick texture, from matte to glossy. 

The first colour scanner developed in-house by CHANEL, LIPSCANNER is the result of collaboration over several months between the CX Lab* and the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio. It took several months to design an algorithm which is exclusive to CHANEL and to train it to develop its analytical capacity on the basis of tens of thousands of facial images. 

22 February 2021