7 January 2022

Chanel’s New No.1 de Chanel Range Brings Conscious Living to the Fore

Chanel’s latest skincare and beauty range combines sustainability and stripped-back beauty with the everlasting vision of Gabrielle Chanel.

After ten years of research and fine-tuning the perfect formulas, Chanel has launched a skin and environment conscious range, which spans across revitalising serums, cleansers and foundations.  

Chanel’s new nine products strip skincare and beauty back to the basics, placing focus on the age-old concerns we may have about our own appearance. This new minimalist approach to self-care, as the brand says, is rooted in the vision of Gabrielle Chanel: 

“There is no duality between the mind and the senses, no distinction between reason and sensitivity, no separation of the body and the emotions,” Chanel said in an announcement of the latest range. 

With a particular focus on the core reasons why we all want to invest in a solid, unbeatable skincare routine, No.1 de Chanel picks apart our concerns and addresses them individually and simplistically. In order to retain our youthful looking skin, Chanel has highlighted the six key areas: lines and wrinkles, pore visibility, loss of elasticity, lack of comfort and radiance.

The brand’s signature Camellia remains at the heart of the collection, however the hero ingredient in the latest selection of products, the red Camellia Japonica, is said to have been in the hands of the Chanel research labs since 1998. This red Camellia, in comparison to its white counterpart, is said to be more effective in boosting our skin’s radiance and reducing ageing.

But not only is No.1 de Chanel triumphant in its performance, it also keeps sustainability and the environment firmly in its mind. The range’s packaging has seen a reduction in its use of plastic, paper pamphlets have been removed, the lids contain recycled or bio-sourced materials, as well as organic inks being used to decorate the bottles. 

By working at the intersection of sustainability, beauty and consciousness, Chanel’s red Camellia collection marks a new era for the brand – a fresh new injection of science and self-care that’s been perfected and refined to produce unrivalled results. 

Shop Chanel’s latest range No.1 de Chanel here.

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