The rising illustrator blending soft surrealism and afrofuturism

Charlotte Edey is the rising artist and illustrator to follow creating a quiet female utopia

Drawing on modernist architecture, afrofuturism and vastly arid landscapes, Edey explores “themes of identity and balance within fluid and impossible spaces,” adding “the scenes are punctuated with touches of lush, organic idyll and miniature figures. Across a series of drawings and large-scale tapestry work, the use of scale and visual contrasts explore the delicate nature of equilibrium.”

Following her Foundation year at Chelsea School of Art in 2011, her work has been exhibited across the UK at venues including The Oxo Tower & The Arnolfini alongside galleries across the USA, Russia and Europe. Charlotte was showcased as part of the Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram exhibition at Mother London and was selected by Juno Calypso for the Artist of The Day 2018 exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Mayfair.

“I really relate to the mood in Charlotte’s Edey’s work,” Juno says. “These solitary figures bathing and strolling in their own private fantasy spaces. I’m in love with the immaculate science-fiction sanctuaries she creates. Charlotte’s work has already seduced a large following online. I can’t wait to be completely surrounded by it in person.”

Check out Charlotte’s work on Instagram @edey_.

Charlotte Edey

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