Charlotte Lawrence’s anthemic pop is about to go global

This is what happens when you don't text back.

Charlotte Lawrence’s new track “Stole Your Car” is a pop anthem dedicated to the dangers of not texting back. Cloaked by a soaring chorus and the kind of production that re-arranged the pop scene when Justin Bieber released Purpose, the track explores the darker side of relationship breakdowns. As the title suggests, someone’s automobile is just collateral damage in the melée.

The track looks set for underground success, much like previous singles “Sleep Talking” and “Just the Same” both of which stormed the internet with stadium-sized beats and major pop hooks.

This is gonna be huge.


How would you describe your music in three words?

Purple. Pink. Blue.

Who’s your greatest influence?


Who’s the last person you called?

Gracie Abrams, one of my best friends and honestly one of my biggest musical influences. Most insane songwriter.

What did you talk about?

How insanely talented she is.

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girls night out

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What’s one album you couldn’t live without?

For Emma, Forever Ago (love my depressing Bon Iver music) Bon Iver is the reason I started writing music.

What’s one item of clothing you couldn’t live without?

My robe. I’m never not in a robe. I had the same peace sign robe for 5 years and would literally wear it out to movies or food and one of my best friends was like “this robe is getting nasty” and bought me the CRAZIEST fluffy blanket robe. I’m answering this question in that robe

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What’s your favorite way to spend $10? 

Ice cream. Preferably cotton candy and mint chip.

How about $100? 

10 ice creams.

What’s next for you?

My second EP, album release which will be made up of both EPs and touring around Europe and the US with LAUV.

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13 September 2018