1 September 2022

Cher responds to claim that Dua Lipa is the “Cher of this generation”

The 76-year-old legendary singer wasn’t convinced by the comparison, which sparked online debate.

Pop icon Cher has reacted to Dua Lipa being called the “Cher of this generation” and it seems she’s not too impressed.

Earlier this week a Twitter user posted a now-deleted tweet that showed side-by-side images of Cher during the Grammys in 1974 and Lipa at the same awards in 2021. Both artists were sporting sparkly get-ups that featured prominent butterfly designs in the pictures. The caption read: “Dua Lipa, the Cher of our generation.”

Another user then retweeted the post, commenting: “So much truth in one tweet” and tagged Cher and Lipa. Surprisingly, Cher responded with a thinking emoji and asked “How many years are in a generation?” Cher’s comments quickly sparked debate online, with users asking if it’s fair to compare younger singers like Lipa, 27, to older performers such as Cher, 76, who is still making music.

 “Props to her for this. I find the ‘they’re the new (insert artist)’ so offensive especially when the original artist is still alive,” one person wrote of Cher’s response. Doesn’t matter if you’re still going. “Maybe bands from the 70s who no longer perform or even exist would be from that generation because they never surpassed it. You encompass several generations and are still going. Let’s see how many today can manage that in the future,” added another.

The Twitter user who shared the original post comparing the artists responded to Cher, saying they were just trying to “praise you and Dua’s style” but that “some people didn’t get the message.”

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram / Cher

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