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Childlike Nostalgia

Anna Sproul and Emma Craft transcend you to a place beyond (or before) responsibility.

In times like these, it’s probable that a few of us have wished that we could go back to a different time. Preferably childhood, where you were free of worries and responsibilities. Back to when the hardest decision of your day was whether to play with Lego or Barbie. In this editorial, stylist Anna Sproul offers a taste of nostalgia, back to simpler times. 

“The shoot was inspired by the concept of allowing oneself to indulge in childlike nostalgia and simplicity. To enjoy the simple pleasures in life that children enjoy so much; with everything going on in the world it seemed important.” Anna tells HUNGER. “So much focus on the stresses of life and not enough time enjoying the things we take for granted; realising that the simplest of activities can bring you joy, calm and pleasure. I wanted to capture this with all the colour, playful movements and use of balloons and teddy bears. To let people see it’s ok to just be playful, fun and like a child again, even if just a moment even. I think with lockdown, this is so poignant for people to try and do and feel. I know I need to!”


6 May 2020