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Clarks celebrate their musical roots

Clarks team up with DJ and Grime artist D Double E for their new campaign.

Ah, the classic Wallabee! The iconic Clarks style has stood the test of time since it’s initial release in the late 60s. Over the past 50 years, the Original Mapel Suade Wallabee has become the shoe of choice for revolutionaries, free thinkers and counterculture icons. 

Adored by the Hip Hop community, the 90s hype was kickstarted by the Wu-Tang Clan who regularly rocked the style in their music vids and at parties amongst music elite. They even gave the iconic style a namecheck in their track, “Gravel Pit”. 

For the new season Clarks campaign, the brand have leaned into their roots and teamed up with iconic DJ and Grime artist D Double E, who can be seen wearing them at his intimate album release gig at the South London coffee shop, Coffee & Cocktails Peckham. Proving that the Wallabee ticks all the right boxes, the style is available in a plethora of colour-ways to match any mood, and fit with any gig that you’ve got planned in the new year. 


6 November 2020