28 October 2021

‘CLASS OF HORROR’: A Paige Cole Series

Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand…

“October my favourite time of the year. Halloween and Black History Month. I felt it was important for me to showcase and celebrate Black creatives in my own unique way, in my first ever series. As well as having a diverse and inclusive team of incredibly talented individuals, to help bring my vision to life. As a Black woman not just in the industry but to the world there has been many times I’ve been over-looked and made to feel like like I don’t belong, like a monster not just because of the pigment in my skin or my queerness but because I refuse to conform to the norm. I’ve never been afraid to stand out or push the boundaries. I wanted to bring my love for fashion and transformative makeup together to create something beautiful.”

— Paige Cole

Aamani Fahiya & Archie Mustow: “Prom Royalty”

Aamani wears shirt and overdress by LANDEROS NY, dress by MATILDA ABERG and shoes by NATACHA MARRO. Archie wears hat by INES MONJO, shirt by ELZINGA, overcoat by LANDEROS NY, trousers by ILARIA LEPORE and shoes by NATACHA MARRO.

Shadun Layne: “Big Bad Wolf”

Shadun wears shirt by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, jacket by ACNE, trousers by LEVIS and shoes by CLARKS.

Neema Kayitesi: “Which way to world domination?”

Neema wears necklace and jacket by MONIKA BEREZA, shirt by LANDEROS NY and boots by NATACHA MARRO.

BLKGLD: “Come play with us”

BLKGLD wear shirt and dress by ELZINGA.

Archie Mustow: “I got friends on the other side”

Archie wears hat by INES MONJO, shirt by ELZINGA, overcoat by LANDEROS NY and trousers by ILARIA LEPORE.

BLKGLD: “Mhmmmmmm-ummmm-mhmm”

BLKGLD wears shirt by ELZINGA and shirt with silver details by ILARIA LEPORE.

Aamani Fahiya - “If you’re reading this, then you’re blissfully unaware what is creeping behind you”

Aamani wears shirt and overdress by LANDEROS NY and dress by MATILDA ABERG.

What are you afraid of?

  • Creative Director, Hair and Makeup Designer Paige Cole
  • Photographer Otto Masters
  • Stylist Ignacio de Tiedra
  • Stylist Assistant Mateus Daniel
  • Prosthetics Artists Georgia Olive
  • Makeup Artist Helayna Shelton
  • Videographer Freddie Frantos
  • Set Designer Kiara Gourlay
  • Location Mill Mead Studio
  • Talent Aamani Fahiya, Archie Mustow, Shadun Layne, Neema Kayitesi, BLKGLD

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