COLLUSION is the new gender fluid label for the coming of age

Launching this October, this is a brand for and by the new generation.

Aiming to fill a hole left by the fashion industry, COLLUSION is re-thinking fashion categorisation and bringing some much needed change. Shaped by the people it’s for, it’s demanding a safe space and powerful expression with its gender fluid concepts and playful ideas. Named because of the etymology of the word collusion – “to play together / Prefix: col-, meaning ‘with’ or ‘together’ / Verb: ludere, meaning ‘to play’” – it’s about to switch up perceptions and break down conventions.

Created by six young people – made up of students, stylists, activist, image-makers, authors and YouTubers – the label has become a diverse and empowered collection. Backed by ASOS, the label manifests what the six creatives want the future of the fashion industry to look like as their brief was simply “to realise an authentic, vibrant wardrobe which speaks directly to themselves and their Gen-Z peers”.

Launching its first campaign nationally, COLLUSION captures 100 young people living in Britain who have turned or will turn 18 this year. The concept of the campaign is explained as: “Each of the 100 are seen in environments which are deeply authentic to them, in their hometowns of London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Brighton. Each of them are spotlit for the unique story they have to tell. Each of them are asked a simple question: ‘What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?'” Turning a campaign into a powerful group portrait, it becomes a visual census of Britain’s youth in their coming of age moment: led by director Dan Emmerson and photographer Tom Sloan, it’s a moving encapsulation of the brand. Check out a sneak peek into the campaign below now.

Follow COLLUSION on Instagram here and stay tuned for the global launch on 1st October 2018.

10 September 2018