Colombian singer J Balvin on adventurous style and social media

Meet the King of Instagram and GUESS collaborator.

Spring holiday wardrobe dilemmas? Gear up for GUESS’ colour-happy 42-piece capsule collection designed by multiple Latin Grammy award winner, J Balvin. Hailing from Medellín, Colombia, Balvin is a leader of the second-generation reggaetón revolution propelling Latin Urban music to unpresedented global success. Balvin has quickly notched twelve #1 Latin singles, more than 50 million social media followers, and over 11 billion total YouTube views. “Everything in this capsule is very 90’s Miami inspired,” says J Balvin. “The collection is about ‘Vibras’; nice energy nice vibes, just smile and that’s what we need, all love. Partnering with GUESS and designing my first collaboration with a global brand has been a dream, and this really is just the beginning.” Below, J Balvin talks personal style, unique sound and secrets to ruling Instagram.

How did you become the global testimonial for Guess?

“I’ve always been a big fan of the GUESS brand, and we first partnered to produce a few special pieces for the VIBRAS Tour merchandise. The design, followed by the fan reaction went so well, that it felt natural to grow our relationship further.

“As someone that was interested in fashion from a young age, I grew up with the brand. I always felt a connection with the young and adventurous style of GUESS, and I remember many of their classic celebrity images. I also respect and identify with the Marciano brothers’ history of taking influence from the country/culture of their heritage, and fusing it with the spirit of the United States and more as their vision grew.”

How is your music reflected in the GUESS Vibras’ capsule collection? Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

“I really feel it is a perfect pairing. I’m really focused on making global free-spirited music that all people can vibe just as the brand has done with their collections. There are many [favourites], I wouldn’t be aligned with the campaign if I didn’t really love the collection… but right now, I’m especially feeling that the boxing shorts are very cool.”

How important is fashion to you?

 “That one is simple: As important as music… My two greatest passions.”

Describe your ideal outfit?

“I’m really flexible and adventurous in my outfits, and it always depends on the occasion – but to be “Ideal”, it is always with jackets.”

You have more than 50 million followers on Instagram, what is your relation with social media?

“It’s my reliable way of communicating directly with my followers, and expressing my gratitude for all their support.”

How did you become a singer? Have you always wanted to be a singer or did you dream of other careers growing up?

“Like anyone really young, I had a lot of changing dreams, but it quickly narrowed down to obsessions with music and fashion. It took a lot of patience, total immersion and moving to America, and back to Colombia to really find ‘My sound, My voice’ as a singer…and now I’m investing that same time, energy and travel into becoming more established in fashion.”

What is your next project?

“I’m of course really excited about the launch of the new campaign early in the year. In addition to that, I’m hoping to drop a completely new album by the end of Spring, followed by the chance to perform again for fans around the world, and hopefully create a few more collaborations with other musicians I love.”




The ‘GUESS Vibras’ collection is set to launch February 7, 2019 in GUESS stores and online at

7 February 2019

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