Connor Tingley explores the beauty of imperfection with NARS

The LA artist has collaborated with Francois Nars on a new collection featuring his unique artworks.

The pursuit of perfection is synonymous with the world of beauty, but what about finding the beauty in the unfinished?  That’s the inspiration behind LA artist Connor Tingley’s new collaboration with NARS. Handpicked by Francois Nars and given free reign to develop the aesthetic, packaging and names of the products, Tingley’s collection explores the rawness of the self.

Known for his collaborations with A$AP Rocky and Kid Ink, Tingley originally studied under illustrator Sheldon Borenstein and began creating oil paintings and abstract drawings. He later branched out into music video and creative directing shoots for Vogue, and even toured with Kanye West during Yeezus.  Like Francois Nars – who has collaborated with the likes of Steven Klein and Erdem, and created collections inspired by Guy Bourdin and Andy Warhol – Tingley’s approach to creativity is holistic and high concept – “Art can come from anywhere. Beauty can come from anywhere”.

The collection features four Audacious lipsticks, an eye shadow palette and a set of lip pencils, all adorned with Tingley’s poetic and emotive sketches.

His favourite is the Madura Audacious Lipstick. “It’s a deep purple and there’s something about it that I feel really connected to. For me, it holds a lot of power”.  Marilyn Manson is also already a fan.

It was a vintage silver cigarette case Tingley found in Vienna that was the starting point for the artwork. “The possibly 1920’s piece drew me in with its etched lacquered designs amongst the weathered look it acquired over time. That moment really stayed with me, so when it came time for me to make decisions regarding the packaging, I instantly knew that I wanted to reach for that feeling I once had looking at it”.

Each item is designed to be a collectible and a future vintage treasure – while the colours have all the potency and luminosity you’d expect from NARS.

For Tingley, it’s all about acceptable and pursuing your authentic self. “I think embracing yourself is a very important part of beauty” he says, “to me, it’s the confidence about being yourself and makeup is just the cherry on top of that”.

The NARS x Connor Tingley collection is available now on the Nars website

1 April 2019