Cosmic pop star Madge breaks down every track on her debut EP

On Madge’s debut EP Fight or Flight Club the self-produced LA artist lays down a blueprint for pop futurism.

From the angular, spiritual assault single “Red James” to the disarming sweetness and lyrical sucker punch of “Fight or Flight Club”, the record is maximalist and mystical. 

Alongside the brat-bop “How to Play” and the spooky space jam “Alice”, the EP also boasts two new tracks. “No Good Broke” blossoms into a sonic glitter bomb, while “Movie World” closes the EP like an ever-expanding supersonic love song. 

Along the way Madge taps into influences from her upbringing in Utah, contemporary spirituality and her natural inclination to flip gender roles and to fight back against music industry bros.

Listen up below and read Madge’s words on the genesis of each track. Follow Madge on Instagram here.

Fight or Flight Club 

This is me and my relationship to my adrenaline. Does anyone else feel like they’re constantly on the verge of panic? That and feeling like you’re about to punch the nearest dude in your proximity?


Madge’s alter ego. Alice is my poltergeist. The depressive to my manic, the shadow of my punching bag.

How To Play 

The most straightforward and more silly things that I’ve done. Wow, sometimes I’m a BRAT.

Red James 

OG Madge. A loud, rude song that was a direct reaction to a dude disrespecting me in my studio. A song I made in three hours and cried about afterward because I thought it was so stupid. This is the genesis.

No Good Broke

I think I was listening to a lot of Charlie Brown when I wrote this. A small, sweet tribute to my piano background and my penchant for kids’ TV. A little sad, a little saccharine, and a lot softer than my usual self.

Movie World 

A song I never get used to. Sometimes I hate this song but it’s so truly ADHD and such pure brain vomit that I couldn’t not include it on my debut. It feels like something not quite finished, something at the start of a path that leads to an evolved Madge.

7 November 2018