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Curls and Waves: a new editorial by Thomas Knieps and Wendy Iles

"Waves and textured hair: it's their time again.”

Photographer Thomas Knieps and hairstylist Wendy Illes have created an effortlessly cool ode to curls in this HUNGER editorial, foretelling the hottest hairstyle of the season. “Curls, waves and textured hair: it’s their time again.” says Iles, “this story will take you back to the 70’s, possibly the last time fashion gave a great tribute to curls…Any major fashion house will agree we’re going back to that. More importantly, it’s embracing and accepting one’s natural hair.”

Scroll down and click through the gallery below to see the full story. Follow Thomas Knieps on Instagram here and Wendy Iles here.

9 September 2019