9 December 2021

Daniel w. Fletcher partners with Coco-Cola

The Northern designer celebrates the heritage of Coco-Cola in a new collaborative capsule collection. 

How did the collaboration with Coca-Cola come about? 

It’s been a pretty long time in the making, we started talking about doing something back in 2019 as Coca-Cola were planning a pop up in London but COVID-19 put that on hold and then when we realised that this year was going to be the 50th Anniversary of the Hilltop campaign and I knew instantly that I wanted to do something to celebrate that.

How closely did you work with them on creating this collection? 

Coca-Cola has such a vast archive of imagery and graphics so it was a real dream for me and I was given a lot of freedom with those. I’ve applied them to some of my most recognisable DWF styles like my bound edge shirt and inside out denim jacket but with that extra Coca-Cola fizz.

Where did the inspiration for the collection come from? 

The inspiration came from the iconic Coca-Cola Hilltop advert from 1971 in which a group of young people from all over the world gather on the top of a hill and sing ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’. It’s an era that I’m obsessed with and my moodboards are always full of 70s references, so this was one of the things that drew me to the hilltop imagery, the flared pants and flowing shirts are reflected in the styles I designed for the capsule.

Tell me about some design elements or techniques that you have incorporated into this collaboration. 

As with all of my collections now, I always look for ways to use up my scraps and waste from production to reduce our environmental impact so I have been making one off pieces made up of all the off-cuts. In this instance we made patchwork quilts using tiny squares with an abstract mosaic like a Coca-Cola bottle in the centre.

What are you hoping to say with this collaboration? 

The original Hilltop advert sent a message of global unity, with young people from all over the world joining together and singing. It was extremely powerful at the time and still feels just as prevalent today as it was when it was first released. Togetherness, inclusivity and unity are at the heart of my brand and with the separation we have gone through in the last couple of years it felt like an important message to send.

Why is Coca-Cola a dream company to collaborate with? 

It feels quite surreal really to see my own name alongside such a recognisable logo that I have grown up with and is recognisable all over the world, it’s a real pinch me moment.

Finally, do you have any other dream collaborators?

Celine Dion! That would be fun, I imagine it would involve some stilettos and hopefully a duet and some sort of music video?