4 July 2022

David Harbour hints Stranger Things could announce ‘spin-offs’ as early as next year

Stranger Things stans, rejoice!

David Harbour of Stranger Things fame has opened up about his role in the hit Netflix television series — which only has one season left.

As of yet, showrunners haven’t indicated that there will be a Game of Thrones-esque spin-off for the series, but Harbour (who plays Jim Hopper) indicated that there could be news on that front very soon…

In an interview with GQ, the actor said: “I think as soon as the show ends, or maybe six months before it ends, you’ll be hearing about whatever spin-offs they have planned.” He also discussed who he would like to play a younger version of his character.

“At this point, I think Hopper is a character that can exist independent of me. If they wanna go back in time, forward in time… I’d love to see another actor play Hopper, and see what they can bring to it,” the 47-year-old continued, noting that his personal choice would be Euphoria star Jacob Elordi. “He could pull off being as handsome as I was at 20.”

Harbour also gave his verdict on the jaw-dropping finale to season 4 part II. “Yeah, I thought it was great. I loved it. It’s very moving.” The actor then listed his favourite moments to the publication, including Eddie’s heroic death, and that epic cliffhanger: “I don’t know what the fuck is gonna happen in season five now.”

The Stranger Thing season 4 finale aired last Friday and is available to stream now on Netflix. 

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