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Decoding Tyler, the Creator’s apocolyptic Peckham gig

Tyler, the Creator fans were lured into a secret Peckham pen.

What started out as a cryptic tweet by Odd Future alumn, Tyler, the Creator, on Saturday afternoon, turned out to be one of the most horrific apocalyptic sights the Internet age has seen to date. Okay, a staunch exaggeration on the grand scheme of decency and human existence, but Aldous Huxley is grimacing right now.

Upon the release of Tyler’s sixth studio album, Igor, the Cali rapper tweeted, “LONDON; IGOR; 3PM; WILL UPDATE YOU LATER WITH LOCATION.” Posing outside of Buckingham Palace, in a blonde mushroom top wig and colour blocked suit with pins of artists who featured on the album. Fans were at a frenzy as the rapper, whom, among many musicians banned from the UK By Theresa May’s Home Office in 2015 had received pardon in February of 2019.

A short while after, Tyler tweeted: “ COPELAND PARK, BUSSEY BUILDING, 3PM” and the madness began.

Hypebeasts near and far pilgrimaged to the Peckham hotspot for what was supposed to be a “surprise performance” by the rapper in celebration of the new release. Crowds rammed their way into the 1050 capacity site and an additional flock surrounded the neighbouring buildings and station.

It wasn’t long until the Metropolitan police shut down the gig and the scene became starkly reminiscent of the Fyre Fraud Fiasco. The whole ordeal became rather cult-like and oddly satisfying to watch unfold from the comfort of a phone screen. Seeing it-boys and girls herded into a human pen and forced into solitude by their Faithful leader. Nowhere in sight but, certainly in mind, Tyler was warned away from the “rowdy” crowd. Footage of the event began to emerge on social media with cameos by Hype-God himself, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton and Founder of Off White Virgil Abloh. Baracaded by barbed gates, attendees were left with no choice but to employ a Katniss Everdeen level of survival to exit the location.
Abloh. Was spotted removing his custom LV puffer in an attempt at crawling under the barbed fences to freedom.

Journalists and influencers channeled their photojournalism by giving those at home the show we never knew we needed.
What have we become as a society when the breaking news of Saturday afternoon was the fact that London’s clout kids were lured into a hip-hop incubator at the ready for ridicule and shame, or the fact that spectator culture, holier than thou, has us at a complete and utter digital chokehold. We can no longer ignore the separations that exist today of artists from celebrity.

Yes, musicians have always had the type of influence that dictators long for but the sheer sense of celebrity that musicians have managed to harness from the use of social media has resulted in a virulent case of content monopoly. Music has and always be necessary content, but an increase in the demand for human interaction have led many to rely heavily on their personality to draw currency from a people who have become so crippled by the digital.
The irony of expecting our celebrities to showcase their individualism by coaxing them into what has become of society all together, followers…

There’s a strong sense of knowing coming from Tyler’s end though, perhaps this really was a social experiment on his part and there never was a gig to begin with. In the meantime, we will enjoy the memes and revel in the fact that we have all become slaves to our socials.

20 May 2019