28 November 2018

Democratising culture, Ace Club is taking the art world by storm

Featuring music, performances and work from Sara Pope, Cosmo, Eve de Haan and Shuby.

Art is everywhere. Whether you take in your culture in a traditional gallery space, or on a street wall, or on Instagram there is no denying that culture is consumed in hundreds of different ways. And it’s exactly this ethos that Ace has adopted, a collective of some of the UK’s most celebrated artists committed to cutting edge art. Instead of playing by the rules of traditionalism, Ace host live, immersive events  where artists and musicians mingle directly with their fans. Democratic culture at its best.

“We are a movement,” says ACE co-founder Anthony McEwan. “We don’t want our work stashed away in private galleries and collections. Our aim is to engage directly and interactively with fans, enthusiasts and other artists, for our work to be experienced collectively and dynamically.”

Sara Pope, So Hot Right Now

And today Ace Club launches its biggest and most ambitious event to date, a live experience featuring performances, live DJs and work from a host of rising stars of the art world including Jessica Albarn, Sara Pope, Pure Evil, Rugman and Shuby among others. With work available to buy at affordable prices, the event embraces how we consume culture now and allows art fans to directly engage with the work, and the people that create it. “Most artists want to sell one piece for a million pounds. ACE wants to sell a million pieces for one pound,” says ACE co-founder Heath Kane. Too right.

ACE Club is @ Candid Arts 3-5 Torrens Street Islington EC1V 1NQ, until 5pm

For more information visit www.aceclub.art 

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