Denisse Ariana Pérez’s Fluid Photography

This Earth Day, HUNGER takes a peak at the Dominican, Barcelona-based artist's new book 'Agua' – her visual call to protect the world's waters.

“I was born on an island. However, I never really had a profound relationship with water until I was an adult. In my childhood, water was there, it existed, it surrounded me, it poured on me softly and fiercely, but it didn’t mean more than just that, another element I learned about in biology class.

As I grew older and moved around the world, water began to speak to me in an almost spiritual way. Water allowed me to connect to the deepest parts of myself and to deeper matters beyond the limits of my physical body. This new dialogue with water took me on an aquatic pilgrimage, from the colder currents of Scandinavia to the warm pink lakes of Senegal.

In these versatile waters, I captured women, men, siblings, people living with albinism and non-binary beings. Agua, my first ever photographic book, is the materialisation of this nascent yet endless journey and relationship.”

Denisse Ariana Pérez


Agua is available to order via Guest Editions now. 10 percent of proceeds from the book’s sales will go to FACE Africa, a charity tackling the water crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.

22 April 2021

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