Depop Drama is documenting resellers’ cringiest moments

The anonymous Instagram account posts screenshots of outlandish DMs, botched haggling attempts and out of place pick up lines.

It’s a well-known fact that the Internet is a breeding ground for bad behaviour: whether it’s ill-advised tweets, ghosting on dating apps or checking your ex’s Instagram an unhealthy amount. Relatively new on the scene, reselling platform Depop is no exception. First beginning as a way to list your vintage garms for some extra cash, the app has become a hotbed of chancers and wannabe Casanovas who’ve probably been kicked off Tinder. 

If your experience has been exclusively five star reviews and flawless communication, you’re no doubt struggling to believe us that Depop has a darker side. Thankfully, we’ve got proof in the shape of @depopdrama. The account, now standing at over half a million followers, airs resellers’ dirtiest laundry — whether it’s unsavoury stains or shady buying practices.

Below, we catch up with the account’s anonymous creator to learn more about the cringiest thing they’ve seen on Depop and whether you can really shop for love alongside pre-loved ‘fits.


When and how did the idea for Depop Drama come about?

Being a Depop user myself, I started to get funny or ridiculous messages and would share them with friends. Before I knew it, I had loads of these random screenshots on my phone with nowhere to put them. I decided to start uploading them to Instagram, and before I knew it people started tagging their friends. It then started to become bigger and people started submitting them.


How do you pick the messages that end up on main? What’s the submission and selection process like?

I mean, the submission process is pretty long-winded! As there are around 700 to 1000 submissions a week, it takes a while to go through them. I normally do it in stages throughout the day as my brain can’t function staring at a screen for too long! The funniest ones are normally the most immature or silly ones, they’re my favourite anyway!

Do you have any Depop Dramas of your own?

When I was a more avid user of the app, I definitely had a lot! But these days my main focus is on the Depop Drama account rather than Depop itself, occasionally I do have the odd funny or weird message!


What’s the wildest submission you’ve received?

I think definitely the one where someone received a dead frog in their package from Australia. Apparently it was some rare Australian frog, nobody knows how it ended up there but it was definitely dramatic.


What are your thoughts on people who use Depop to look for love? Do you think it ever works?

I actually remember a submission where a couple started dating through Depop! But that was a very rare submission, a lot of submissions these days are people trying to find love and it’s really not working. Stick to Tinder I say!

Why do you think there are so many chancers in the resale community?

I think in general, because a lot of users are quite young, we don’t have as much money so people try their luck at any chance they can. Almost every submission people are trying to haggle a cheaper deal or trying to get some kind of discount. I think because it’s not the same as haggling at a market, you don’t ever have to face the person, so it’s easy to hide behind the screen.


Negative reviews aside, what are the upsides of Depop?

Depop is actually one of the best apps out there, especially for buying and selling. In terms of the navigation of the app, it’s super easy to list items and sell them. I’ve found with other buying and selling apps there are so many extra functions that aren’t needed, Depop is great because it’s super simple and stress-free.


What are your future plans for the account?

I’m currently working on a side project on the account, I can’t really say too much at the moment but I’m waiting for it to be finalised and perfected before putting anything out there. Watch this space!


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27 August 2020