Do or Dye: Seven hair colour trends to know for SS19

From watercolour blushes, tie-dye techniques and crayola brights - Christel Lundqvist, colourist and founder and director of STIL salon in Notting Hill - gives us the lowdown on the mane attraction for spring / summer 2019...

Pastel Blue

“This technique is called waterfall colour as it’s designed for hues to seamlessly blend and create moment in the hair – this works great on blonde bases that has been pre-lightened first then toned by using a freehand painting technique and merging 3-4 pale hues together. This looks great on a slightly cooler complexion as the hues are cooler in tone and for the client that loves colour.”

Off White

“The toned down blonde. This is the new artisan blonde look that is much softer that the pure Scandi blonde palette. We love this look as a double processing technique whereby you lighten the hair first then tone it with a mixture of cool and warm hues for a softer off white hair colour. Blondes like this can sometimes go a bit brassy so a violet conditioning mask like TIGI violet Fashionista mask is perfect to use for 5 min as treatment to refresh the hair at home. Violet shampoos can be a little too strong in tone so a conditioner or mask is the best option here.”

Turmeric Copper

“This is playful colour with tons of energy. This technique is based on a classic all over application on the roots but has been infused with pure tone through the ends using a perfect bleed method, creating softness and no lines between the root and length colour. This looks great on warmer complexions and you can top up the hue at home with customised hair colour conditioners – simply add copper and gold to a conditioner.”

Mellow Pink

“This mellow pink hue looks great over highlights, balayage and hand-printed blondes to add a bit of fun. A semi-permanent colour is great for this type of colouring as it will hydrate the hair as well as adding tone and gradually fade when you wash the hair. A pink conditioner is great to use to maintain the colour at home, just leave on for 3-5min after shampooing.”

Blush Blonde H2O Pigment Rinse

“This is the most delicate hue on blondes as it’s created by mixing water and pure pigment of orange and red – this can be rinsed through the hair in-between colour services to add tone. It’s so delicate – it is fantastic on very sensitised hair that has been over heated by tools or simply coloured too much.”

Blue Crush

“Tie dye technique with deep blue hues and stone wash ends. This technique is great on longer lengths and its created by simply layering and twisting ends together and working freehand with 2-3 colour hues throughout the hair. This will suit someone with a slightly cooler complexion due to the cooler hues. This looks even better with colour fade making it look inlaced and raw.”

Flamingo Pink

“Crayon colour techniques are designed to create vibrancy to hair and works great after any lightening service like baby lights, surface colour for double process techniques. We love to refresh a crayon look at home with customised colour pods that you mix with conditioner and leave ion the hair for 3-5 minutes.”

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11 April 2019