29 March 2023

‘Does this outfit say I’m innocent, judge?’: Dissecting Gwyneth Paltrow’s masterclass in courtroom fashion

As the Paltrow trial continues, HUNGER evaluates how the star's wardrobe has been a major turning point for the case – well, for us anyway.

The televised trial of Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski crash has garnered some serious attention. And not just for the strange techniques of her opponent’s defence attorney (who has been dying to know if Paltrow and Taylor Swift are besties), but perhaps more importantly, for her masterclass in ‘I’m innocent!’ dressing. Mood boarders around the world have been following the courtroom drama and simultaneously pinning Paltrow’s looks as memes run wild with her chic take on courtroom glam.

The Goop founder has hit headlines with her unusual self-care techniques for a while now, including rectal ozone therapy and bone-broth exclusive meal plans. But her outfits have never really been the central focus since she hit red carpets in the early 00s, that is until now. In this civil case with a retired optometrist Terry Sanderson, it has been claimed that Paltrow collided with him on a ski slope back in 2016, leaving him with life-altering injuries. As Sanderson seeks $300,000 in damages, Paltrow is counter-suing for $1 plus her legal fees. Fuelled by grain-free, sugar-free vegetables, and clean protein, it is clear Paltrow has a spring in her step when it comes to dressing her defense. 

Rich girl-core has come to prevalence thanks to successful TV shows like The White Lotus and Succession, as no matter the twists and turns and legalities of it all, if you are dressed for success then you’re most likely to win on an icon basis. Nothing says ‘I have money but I’m here for justice’ quite like a crisp white roll-neck sweater now does it? Paltrow displays a refined understanding of the politics of it all, accessorising with gold statement jewellery but pairing it down with neutral-toned staples. Her hair is perpetually perfect, with props to the stylist of those rolling waves that will go down in court ‘do history. 

Rippled locks aside, she has remained consistent with her trusty tote bag reminiscent of the ever-so-Paltrow bone broth colour. She pairs her looks with an olive green coat and the likes of slim grey blazers. And there is no flashy display of excess wealth here either, as minimalist luxury brands are favoured for an IYKYK crowd. Celine and The Row have both popped up on the stand, showing the brands to be that old-money kind of luxury fashion. 

Paltrow is also a fan of outfit repeating, claiming the skit suit she donned in the accident was one she had possessed for years: an all-in-one white number to blend in with the slopes. Does that mean she wasn’t necessarily visible to other skiers that may, say, crash into her? We aren’t lawyers, but props to her for remaining faithful to a reusing and re-wearing ethos.

Of course, courtroom fashion, no matter the verdict, may supersede the claims if done just right. Take a look at Anna Delvey, the con artist and fraudster of New York’s upper society, who turned into an icon for her ability to recreate the old money heiress look and fly under the radar. She got herself a whole Instagram dedicated to her courtroom looks, and it looks like Paltrow could be next. Honour, if we may, Paltrow is hereby guilty of presenting a masterclass in how to dress for court, no matter the verdict! 

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