Dominic Dawson, Roy Inc and Francis Hylton – Dangerously Happy

This nostalgic, upbeat club track hails back to the heydey of house.

Today (3 July),  Dominic Dawson, Roy Inc and Francis Hylton have dropped a politically-charged collab. Titled “Dangerously Happy”, the electro house anthem features uplifting vocals from Amma Rose and Sulene Fleming. 

Despite coming from radically different musical backgrounds, Dominic, Roy and Francis have all banded together to make this compelling track. Rising above the energetic, four to the floor beat is a radically positive message which feels all the more poignant in our current cultural moment. In the chorus, serving as both a rallying cry to a better future and a reminder of house music’s political origins, Amma Rose sings “there’s a happy place/ dangerously happy” and invites us all to collectively imagine and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

Roy is known as a producer and singer whose unique flair has led to collaborations with Horse Meat Disco and (due to be released in 2021) Joe Goddard. Contrastingly, Dominic is an in-demand house DJ and remixer who cut his teeth decasdes ago by spinning reggae in Brighton, whilst Francis first became known as a member of acid jazz Galliano and has worked with the likes of Chaka Khan, Kerri Chandler and Gloria Gaynor as a bassist and recording artist.

Check out the track below and feel inspired. 

3 July 2020