Tequila brand Don Julio marks its 80th anniversary by celebrating community

The luxury drinks company is honouring 80 Mexicans who are shaping contemporary culture

In 1942, founder, Don Julio González, defied conventions, leading with the heart and not the head to create the world’s first luxury tequila. In 2022, to mark its 80 year devotion to tequila making, Don Julio is honouring 80 individuals who shape contemporary culture and share the same love for their craft as Don Julio did for his.

Those who achieve their incredible endeavours by leading from the heart, rather than the head. The rich legacy of Mexico’s legendary artists, pioneers and innovators is carried on by the brilliant journalists, creatives, public figures and musicians of today.

Revealed by TIME, the list features a wide array of inspirational names, all of whom are of Mexican heritage. The list was collated to celebrate those who pursue their passions and cultivate their craft all for one reason: Por Amor (for the love). Chosen by the brand, the list features a wide range of figures including activist Saskia Niño de Rivera, fashion designer Victor Barragán, journalist Lydia Maria Cacho and musician Sofia Reyes.

“I am incredibly proud of my Mexican roots and heritage, and the core of who I am,” says Sofia Reyes. “Tequila Don Julio has been the staple tequila in my family and my culture for generations so I couldn’t be more honoured to be partnering with a brand that is helping to drive our culture to bigger places. ‘Por Amor’ is my life’s mantra and to be included alongside other Mexicans who also have so much love for what they do, is a remarkable recognition.” 

“Tequila Don Julio’s 80th anniversary is an important milestone for the brand and the perfect moment to honour the incredible legacy of our late founder, Don Julio González and the love he put into building a Tequila brand loved by Mexicans.” says Guilherme Martins, Tequila & Don Julio Global Marketing Director at Diageo.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Courtesy of Tequila Don Julio

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