Donald Glover and Julia Fox are proving that less is more this SS22

With record temperatures across the globe, wearing as little as possible may be the move this season.

With the seemingly never-ending summer heat wave going strong, it’s no surprise that celebs have started to wear less and less. Donald Glover and Julia Fox both rocked stripped-down looks recently, which makes us think that wearing almost nothing could be this summer’s most practical trend. 

Glover was seen in the streets of Manhattan in the Soho neighbourhood donning a skimpy ensemble. The musician wore nothing but some Saucony short shorts and trainers, a mustard bucket hat, a pair of shades and some gold chains. Twitter even chimed in on Glover’s sporty look with one user saying: “Donald Glover finally bringing out the first celeb man in shorty shorts moment of the summer thank you God.” 

And in case study number two, it wouldn’t be Julia Fox if she didn’t take the “less is more” approach without doing something completely left field. The Uncut Gems star took to Instagram to show off her latest fit, which saw her don a pair of ridiculously, insanely low-rise trousers matched with a Kardashian-esque upside-down black bikini top and a pair of black sunnies. However, Fox couldn’t just leave us with that, and if you hadn’t noticed already there’s something strange going on. Behind her are a horse’s torso, two extra legs and a flailing tail. Unfortunately, it is Photoshopped and Fox hasn’t been a Centaur this entire time.

Before the edit, Twitter users were quick to point out the similarities between Fox’s look and the mythical creature. “Mad respect for Julia fox pulling out the “front view of a centaur” look,” joked one user. “Julia fox centaur hooves pants are traumatising I kinda love her for it,” added another.

So, if you’re in the market for some style advice this summer, why not heed Glover and Fox’s example and bare it all?

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram / Julia Fox

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