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Drunk in love with Märta Thisner

A collection of images capturing the search for identity, sexuality and love.

For the past 15 years, Märta Thisner has been photographing and documenting friends on nights out. “I’m very shy with my camera and wouldn’t take pictures of anyone random,” she explains.

Born in Sweden, Märta fell in love with photography in her teens and was drawn to pictures in books and magazines, she started using her family’s camera to shoot her friendship group. “I grew up in the countryside and was dreaming of big city life and I figured out that photography was something that could take me places and to interesting people.”

During her years attending photography school she realised that pictures of her life and the people in it could be her story to tell. “I always have my camera with me and, at the time I develop the pictures, I almost forget what I’ve been shooting. It’s so exciting every time the film comes back from the lab and I do my scanning,” Märta adds.

Her book, Drunk in Love, is a collection of 150 candid film images capturing the search for identity, sexuality and love. “I love that I can freeze time with my camera, it’s still so fascinating for me,” says the photographer. The project will be shown at the Arbetets Museum in Sweden later in November and will include many more shots not featured in the book.

Explore Märta’s world below and follow her on Instagram here.

28 August 2019