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Each Other, the cult French label blending art and fashion

Each other is a contemporary Paris based fashion brand that promotes its sensual architectural wardrobe for women. Born of an encounter between the two founders and creative directors - fashion designer Ilan Delouis and art director & gallerist Jenny Mannerheim.

“We’ve been launching our collections in collaboration with a rich creative community,”Jenny Mannerheim, Creative Director of Each Other tells HUNGER. “Since our inception, we’ve always been driven by the belief that artistic expression can change the society around us, and we hope with our collections and collaborations we truly do make change.” Joining a collective of creatives to create exclusive designs for the newly launched FES Watch U, we caught up Mannerheim to talk experimental design, modern muses and minimal art.

Why did you want to be involved in Sony’s project?

We like the initiative and the concept of Fashion Entertainments (FES) the startup incubated by Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program. Inspired to create a lifestyle of greater freedom through fashion.

Talk us through your design and process?

We took inspirations from 70s graphics and the architecture of John Lautner and the minimalism art movement. Adding to that our brand slogan Safe and warm here in the fire of each other.

What was the starting point for Each x Other, what sets it apart from other fashion brands out there right now?

The concept of Each Other is to honor the culture of fashion and art, and we want to fuse those two disciplines together to create something that is at the crossroad where the two intercept. Each Other is working in a similar way to a publishing house or gallery, but instead of using printed media or a space we’re investing in the fashion industry and using it as a platform for cultural contents. We like to push the ideas of modern society and find new ways of communicating art history, and new ways to see consumerism and shopping. Turning fashion into something instructive and meaningful.

British poet Robert Montgomery is an in-house artist for the brand. How collaborative is this process?

Each Other was created in 2012 following an encounter between Ilan Delouis, a fashion designer and entrepreneur and myself, an art director and gallerist. We met at my art exhibition FIRE OF EACH OTHER by Robert Montgomery. From there we decided to launch a brand and publishing house with the ethos of art meets fashion. Our brand name was inspired directly from a poem from Montgomery: “The city is wilder than you think and kinder than you think. It is a valley and you are a horse in it. It is a house and you are a child in it. Safe and warm here in the fire of each other.” Upon meeting we knew that we had complementary skills and the know-how.

Talk me through this working relationship and how this informs collections?

Each Other always works with text. The first inspiration always comes from a written statement or poem. As the name of the brand was inspired by Robert Montgomery’s poem, we continue to always start from a text.

Who is your forever style muse and why?

Most of our muses are female writers. We love the style of Eva Chen, and Greta Bellamacina, Robert Montgomery’s wife, always keep inspiring us.

Which Instagram accounts do you love?

Mostly artists, publishers and curators accounts @guerrillagirls @petrafcollins @hattiestewart @paridust @jeffersonhack

The future of fashion in one word?


The new FES Watch U is available now in the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. It is available in silver or black and is priced at approximately £529 and £699 respectively. Find out more here and check out a selection of styles in our gallery below available to buy via Each Other on Instagram @eachxother.

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4 December 2018

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