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Eco-Warriors: Meet the duo helping fashion clean up its act

The fashion world is gearing up for a mindfulness makeover.

New-gen designers are making it their mission statement that it’s cool to be kind. As Stella McCartney rightly states, the terms “sustainable” and “eco” shouldn’t be simply buzzwords bandied around that immediately conjure up “images of oatmeal-coloured fashion or garments that are oversized or lacking in any sort of luxury or beauty, detailing or desirability”. Embracing eco-warrior fashion 2k18-style is about a change in mind-set. How do we consume fashion in more a meaningful way?

Ella Grace Denton and Jemma Finch of Stories Behind Things, have made built a fast growing community both IRL and URL, to champion innovative and sustainable ways of consuming. The pair told HUNGER: Our journey really started when we hosted our first Big Clothes Switch at Micks Garage, Hackney Wick in 2017. We had 150 people come to switch their pre-loved clothing all in the name of sustainability.

“We then spent the summer as undercover journalists reporting on sustainability within the fashion industry for ISKO Denim at Europes biggest fashion summits. Since then we’ve held four sold out Clothes Switch’s, hosted up-cycling workshops, and spoken on panels for International Women’s Day, Fashion Revolution Week and many more.” How to enjoy shopping with a clear conscious and still look chic AF? Ella and Jemma share their seven-step guide to going green…

Switch it up

“The statistic stands that women are only wearing between 20-30% of what’s in their wardrobes. There’s no need to buy from fast fashion houses that are supporting exploitation when you can get together with friends or attend one of our events and switch the 70% that you no longer wear. One gals trash is another gals treasure.”

Repair, repair, repair…

“Fast consumption being pushed by the media and cheap clothing has created a throw-away culture. It’s time to reclaim old skillsets and start treasuring the items we choose to wear. With from sewing on buttons to patching up holes in our jeans it not only looks wicked but feels damn good.”

Get Creative

“With embroidery and personalisation topping the trends, take matters into your own hands. There’s no need to buy those jeans from Zara when you can embroider your own.”

Be Curious

“We encourage you to be curious and dig a little deeper when it comes to the brands you’re buying from. There are so many brands that have incredible stories behind them that are doing amazing things for the planet and the people on it. When you know you are wearing a piece of clothing that is benefitting the creator, the worker and the earth, it feels good and from our experience is kinda addictive. Brands to check out; Stalf Studio, Ace & Jig and Bug Clothing.”

Buy Second-Hand

“If you want to save money and the planet grab a friend and hit charity shops and vintage stores. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a one-of-a-kind piece on the cheap!”

Watch The True Cost on Netflix

“We’ve found that big lifestyle changes come alongside big mindset shifts. This is such an important documentary when it comes to creating a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe.”

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“We are always sharing tips and tricks for making sustainable living less overwhelming, alongside showcasing our favourite brands that are changing the fashion industry for good.”

22 April 2019

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