Edouard Sepulchre is the photographer capturing America through an outsider’s eye

Edouard Sepulchre is a 42-year-old French photographer, born and raised in Paris, and only in 2010 becoming a self-taught photographer and videographer as previously working in advertising.

Sepulchre works on coverage of communities on wheels as well as contemplative photos of urban and desert landscapes around the globe – from California and Nevada to Paris and Croatia.

After recently travelling around America, Edouard Sepulchre believes his work to have evolved notably, in terms of composition, lighting, colour and tone. His work highlights the hidden artistic aspects of urban settings, from unmissable neon signs to inconspicuous strangers on the streets. Check out Eduoard Sepulchre’s work online here and get to know the photographer through our top picks below…

3 May 2019

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