Eight Instagram feeds to follow for alternative beauty ideas

Avant-garde aesthetics. 

Hunger’s Beauty Editor-at-Large and magic marker Andrew Gallimore is no stranger to creating boundary-pushing shoots. From transforming models into monochromatic masterpieces, living dolls and post-modern punks; rules need to be broken. With that in mind, we called on Gallimore to share with us the top alt-Instagram accounts to follow for twisted glamour and thinking outside of the box beauty this season…

Matty Bovan, @BABBYM


Dustin Bailard, @DUSTINBAILARD

Lyle Reimer, @LYLEXOX

Kyra Kendall, @KENDALLKYRA

Benedict | Rodent, @_rodent__


Rottingdean Bazaar, @rottingdeanbazaar

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22 November 2018

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