8 March 2023

Elon Musk, cat memes and Andrew Tate: Here are Twitter’s most influential accounts

Other notable names in the top 100 include BTS and Joe Biden.

Notus has revealed their latest report on the 100 most influential Twitter accounts, with various celebrities, meme pages and businesses all making the cut. And unsurprisingly (and unfortunately), sitting on the throne is none other than Chief Twit himself, Elon Musk.

The social media platforms new CEO ramped up an admittedly impressive 3b worth of “social capital” – Notus’ metric that represents how much influence an individual has based on who, how and when others engage with them. 

Meanwhile, following up behind Musk is the Brazilian entertainment, news and gossip account ‘CHOQUEI,’ garnering 2.6b social capital. The leaderboard also gives us the perfect display of meme pages’ power, with ‘NO CONTEXT HUMANS’ rounding out the top three.

Of course, we couldn’t have a conversation around Twitter engagement without mentioning K-pop, specifically BTS. The band’s official account came in fourth place, with 2b social capital, which comes as no surprise thanks to their ravenous stans. 

Cats take the crown as humans’ best friend, as ‘cat with confusing auras’ takes fifth place, while other notable accounts in the top 10 include ‘FIFA World Cup,’ pop culture news page ‘Pop Base’ and football journalist Fabrizio Romano.

There’s a distinct lack of celebrities on the leaderboard (not too surprising considering most of them aren’t in control of their own accounts), although disgraced influencer Andrew Tate’s impact on social media is clear for all to see, as he places 33rd, nine places behind Joe Biden who sits at 24th.

You can find Notus’ full leaderboard here and see where your own account ranks amongst the world’s most influential (although we’d probably avoid the embarrassment).

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