14 March 2023

Embrace ‘The Last of Us’ chic with Innerraum’s dystopian cyborg bag

The Berlin-based brand returns with yet another avante-garde-flavoured offering.

After watching The Last of Us, we realised that post-apocalyptic fashion is actually pretty cool. And it seems Berlin-based label Innerraum agrees, as they return with a uniquely dystopian almost cyborg-looking baguette bag.

Titled the Polyphonic Object M09 Baguette Bag, the techy accessory doubles as a backpack and duffle, making it perfect for any high-pressure, zombie-heavy situation. When worn as a backpack, the bag resembles a cyborg spine, embracing the brand’s futuristic and avant garde tendencies. 

“Every object is experienced as an extension of the body and is a metaphor of the body itself: just like the body is made up of parts assembled together, we can experience it as our shell too,” says Innerraum in a press release. 

Meanwhile, as a duffel, the bag looks pretty normal. So, if you don’t feel like cosplaying as a deadly cyborg from the future, you don’t have to – which is always an excellent option to have. The accessory itself is constructed in Italy and composed of 176 hypoallergenic pieces.

If the end of the world is ever on the cards, then you might as well look incredibly badass while vying for survival – and this cyborg bag is the perfect way to do just that.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Innerraum

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