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Enter Jess Audrey Lynn’s luminous virtual universe

If you haven't heard of Jess Audrey Lynn then you really need to up your Instagram game...

A CGI 3D artist, and aspiring musician, @jessaudreylynn creates digital masterpieces deserving of a full Tate Modern exhibition. For now, her Instagram is the best way to keep up to date with her artwork, but fear not as it is an immersive experience in itself. As a sufferer of anxiety disorder, depression and PTSD, Lynn discusses how digital art has given her an outlet for her emotions: her virtual reality world has given means to survive through reality.

Jess Audrey Lynn discussed her work with The Creators Project, describing how “there’s such a freedom to have access to programs that become a source for my aesthetic exploration and discovery…I don’t have to worry about other’s expectations, only what will make me feel happy, and in return, others get to individually perceive what they see and feel in my work too”.

After experimenting with various forms of production, Jess Audrey Lynn found the virtual platform to be the most rewarding for her work, and uses CGI to create neon-lit 3D scenes and characters. The result of Lynn’s artwork and music is an entrancing cyber-wonderland aesthetic, and when experienced together they sweep you into her luminous virtual universe. Recently, Lynn has set up a Gofundme page, as her computer she creates her works on has broken: she is offering exclusive prints for people who help her get back to letting her therapeutic visions come to life, so check it out here.

To keep up to date with her work, follow Lynn on Instagram hereSoundcloud here and Tumblr here. It was hard to cut it down, but we’ve compiled Hunger’s favourite selection of Jess Audrey Lynn’s work in the gallery below; so click play on her track ‘Exist’ and immerse yourself in the glossy, pastel perfect world.

28 August 2018